Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

...Robert Frost...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Storm?!

There is nothing more refreshing for the soul than a weekend away and especially a girls weekend in Melbourne. So that is what I did last weekend. J and I had been counting down for months this exciting weekend. We bought the tickets to Mamma Mia last year before we left Adelaide and I was so excited to see J again and just have some time out.

It is impossible for me to explain the kind of trouble J and I can get ourselves into without breaking our sacred code of silence "what happens in Melbourne stays in Melbourne". Lets just say that there were vinyl dresses, lots of sushi and chocolate and bananas at 2am involved in a very "fun" weekend. Of course, there were several special features put on just for us I'm sure. The Moonba festival was on as well as the biggest storm in living memory. No, I dont mean J and I shopping up a storm although that is exactly what we were doing when the storm struck. Well, I guess thats not theoretically correct. We were trying on clothes which we had no intention of buying. Wait a minute, let me backtrack. Back to lunch. We had sushi. Have I mentioned that last week I was having a crazed sushi craving, with no sushi to be found anywhere. So, I was determined to have an overload on sushi whilst in Melbourne to tie me over. So, we were eating sushi soaking up the sun and doing us a spot of people watching. Naturally we progressed to deciding to hit DJ's and try on a variety of outrageous outfits that we had no intentions of buying. In fact, the more outrageous the outfit, the more determined we were to try it on.

We entered the change rooms with our amazing selection of outfits, ranging from braless maxi dresses to daisy duke shorts. Okay, I feel a need to explain these shorts. They were short cut off denims that were covered with silver studs and cost $4oo. Not exactly what post 40 year women should be wearing, but definitely worth trying on for the entertainment value. Maxi dresses first. The psychadelic pattern looked amazing on J, really brought out her eyes. Actually, they longer she paraded in it, the more convinced I became that she should buy. Mine, on the other hand, lacked the special "something" necessary to convince me to buy it. It was either that or the fact that I had to go braless.Not sure which one, close call.

Anyway, we progressed to trying on the Daisy Duke shorts with some stunning black tops. As we pulled on the shorts a very loud noise began to resonate.

Me- "That sounds like rain. How could we hear the rain on the second floor of a 4 story building?"
J- "Not sure"

Noise gets louder, very loud.

Me- "That sounds like hail."
J- "I think it's just someone dropping a box of coathangers."
Me - "You think? It's pretty loud."

Whatever. The deafening noise wasn't going to deter us from trying on the Daisy Dukes, so we pressed on. We gushed at the fact that our legs looked good (LOL) and blushed at the thought that maybe we could pull them off. Did I mention that they were covered in studs which meant they weighed a tonne and would require some kind of brace system to keep them up. I mean really, ew could do this. But upon consideration, we decided that with a price tag of $400 we could possibly better utilise the combined $800 on something much more meaningful....such as another girls weekend.

So we handed over the garment to the room attendant- "You taking anything today girls?" "Hmmm, no today thankyou, the shorts were very flattering but we have decided to feed a third world country instead."

And then it hit us. We excited the change rooms to find that there must have been far more action outside than in as everyone pressed themselves against the windows. Not ones to miss out on action, we headed to the windows to realise that we had been transported into another world. Firstly, where there was previously a street, there was now a gushing stream. Where there was a sun beaten pavement, there were mounds of hail. We shook our heads. Were we dreaming? Apparently not.

"Umm, J....I don't think it was a box of coathangers..."

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