Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

...Robert Frost...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Belated New Years Resolution

My very belated New Years Resolution is to be more active in journalling our new life in the country. I think it's just that everytime I go to write something, I think it isn't interesting. But this is for me, so that doesnt matter I guess.

This is the second last day of the summer holidays and the six weeks break has given me time to reflect. We've been here for a year now and really, it has flown. Ups and downs, but mostly ups.
The downs- the times when I realised that I was never going to be able to just drop in and have coffee with some of my beautiful Adelaide friends. That we were never going to do fun stuff together again just whenever we felt like it, That we were not going to be having casual Sunday lunches after church around the pool with friends again...the list goes on. It really was a grieving process. And the big recognition that Miss E was not going to go through the puberty/teenage/high school thing with her BFF. It would have been greta for them to go through that together.
The other big down part has been hubbys real struggle to adjust to life in the country and away from his dream job. He's a city beach boy, so life in a country town is different and there have been perceived negatives around every corner for him. His outlook here is beginning to improve. But the bigger struggle is giving up his dream job for his family. Deep in his heart he knows it is the right thing, but in reality it has been difficult. You see, he was a test pilot, a very busy always away from home test pilot, and part of the reason we moved was to have him home a little more and to provide stability for the kids. Now he is a flight trainer, teaching wannabe pilots how to fly in basic 2 seater aircrafts. Waaayyyyy down on the excitment and work satisfaction scale for him. In fact, in 17 years of marriage, it has been the first time that he hasnt travelled consistently for his work, or been away for months at a time. That in itself was a real adjustment- actually being at home. So, he has now taken a second job as a permanent casual flying for a rescue helicopter organisation. This has provided professional excitment, but once again, he is busy. Oh well......

The positives- family. This year saw the arrival of a new nephew, 2 sisters announcing they are pregnant, lots of time spent with nieces and nephews, and seeing lots more of mum and dad. I can now just drop in for coffee with my sister which is just so nice. Christmas Day saw 20 immediate family members at our house, and thats with at least 7 missing. Hubby said to me in the morning that he hoped christmas day would be all I had dreamed it would be, and it was. The first time in our married life that we had Christmas in our own home- actually woke up in our home. Never have we shared our home with the whole family, and that was amazing. That's why we are here- family. The bottom line. It can be chaos with such a large family, but I love it. We are blessed enough to have a large enough house to accommodate everyone and a pool to keep everyone entertained. God is good.The other night hubby was watching the cricket in Adelaide and made a comment about wishing we had never left. 13 Mr J's response - "Why would you wish we were back in Adelaide? Here is much better!" Just what we needed to put it all into perspective!

The view from our bedroom balcony- makes it all worthwhile!

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