Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

...Robert Frost...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recharging the Soul

6 years ago we left Toowoomba, Qld after living there for 9 years. It was where two of my children were born, it is where we bought our first house, it is where all of my children started their schooling,it is where I made friends for life. When we lived in Adelaide I tried to visit at least once a year but it was a long and relatively expensive trip. Now we only live a six hours drive away and it was time for a visit. I had arranged to visit a few weeks back, but the day I was meant to leave was the day of the devastating floods, so plans were put on hold. So two weeks ago it was time to try again. A friend who has suffered much grief in her life was celebrating her 40th birthday, so what better excuse!

Past the Fruitosaurus

and into Toowoomba. This really is a beautiful city. I am reminded that I didn't leave here by choice. It really has the best of everything- good schools, good sport, beautiful parks ( it is known as the garden city), good shopping, a great church, a university and only 1 1/2 hrs from the heart of Brisbane. And most of all, great friends. So why did we leave? Because the Major was not professionally satisfied. And that's okay. I miss so much about life in Toowoomba but I have to remember that we are exactly where God wants us to be.

There was time for some shopping (oh how I miss some quality shops). I need a formal dress for an upcoming function and this one was $250 reduced to $85. Bargain! Plus I picked up some decent make up.

There was time for some walking. The view from Picnic Point towards Brisbane is incredible. Unfortunately it was not such a clear day, but still stunning.

My friends 40th was on Thursday night and it was fabulous to catch up with so many friends. Then my Gorgeous girlfriend A, with whom I was staying, organised some girls to come over for dinner on Saturday night.

It was the most beautiful, balmy evening. Great friends, great food.

Church on Sunday to catch up with everyone else and the weekend was complete. What more could I ask for to recharge the soul?? I tried to hard not to have the weekend tainted by feelings of how much I miss everyone and how much I would love to live back here. It all seemed so familiar, felt a lot like home. I reminded myself that it was partly because I am not yet connected after our latest move. That I don't have that special girlfriend yet. No one to catch up with over coffee. No one to share with. It will happen, I know that. But it contributed to all the sentimental overload in Toowoomba! Note to self- there is a bigger plan!

Anyway, after a fabulous 4 days away, it was back home to the real world. ( On a sideline note- listened to my audio book all the way home - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. A great read) The Major had been in charge, but had been time consumed by the building of a new shed. Hence, reality hit hard when I walked in the door.

I have two teenage children and one pre-teen. Is that really an excuse for this? Surely they are now old enough if their Dad is super busy, to keep things a little more in order than this?

For a fleeting moment I wondered if the time away was worth it. It didn't take me long to answer, yes it was. without a doubt. But I didn't appreciate coming home to this! My children have so much to learn! Maybe I'm just a bad mother, not teaching them how to look after themselves enough. Or maybe they are lazy teenagers. Am I alone with this??

Miss E has serious tidyness issues. This was the final straw. There was old cans of tuna. Bowls of hard cereal. Wet towels on the floor. Dirty washing a mile high. She has the largest room in the house and after this effort has been warned that she may lose it to one of her brothers. Along with her abundant load of soft toys.

Deep breathing. Remember the weekend, the fabulous food and friends. It was all worth it. The soul has been recharged.

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